Zivian & Zwickl is a small, family-owned law firm that offers its clients both outstanding legal representation and attentive, personalized service in many areas, including:

Estate Planning

Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

Family Law

¨ Mediation

Since opening their firm in 1991, Sara Zivian Zwickl and her mother, Etta Zivian, have worked with thousands of clients. In that time, they have come to appreciate that representing clients effectively entails more than simply playing hardball or going to court. It requires considering clients’ total well-being, including their time-frame, financial constraints and tolerance for conflict.

When appropriate and possible, we help clients minimize stress by resolving difficult issues through mediation and/or consulting with a wide range of professionals in accounting, real estate, finance and counseling.


In short, to us, quality legal representation means understanding individual needs and finding individual solutions.


We are well-known and well-respected in the Michigan legal community. Our familiarity with other law firms, lawyers and the judicial system gives our clients a strategic advantage.



“We don’t practice ‘one size fits all’ law. We believe that ideal legal representation takes into account  our clients’ individual legal needs and their personal well-being.”








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